Live Sunday Services

We can grow when we come together to sing, learn and connect.

Sunday Services

Our love for one another and Jesus grows when we gather as a large and diverse family.

This summer, we will continue to meet together twice each month as a large group. At each of these, we will be able to: 

  • Connect with our wide church family 

  • Pray together

  • Worship God  

There will be a special CCKIDS experience at each of these gatherings.

  • June 25 - Service at the building or online // 10:30am

  • July 2 - Church Picnic at The Sunshine School, Lincoln Park // 10:30am - 2:00pm.

  • July 23 - Worship Brunch at the building // 10:30am

    • Details click - here.

  • August 13 - Serve Day at Hoffman Park // 10:00am - 1:00pm

  • August 27 - Prayer Brunch at the building // 1

Why just twice a month?

When people think of “church” they think of a building or the Sunday service. These are NOT the church, they ARE helpful tools in growing in love.

By having services twice a month we hope to free up time and energy to better engage in other tools and habits to grow to love Jesus, Each Other, and the World.

These tools include Community Groups, Daily Office, Sabbath, and 1:1.


Growing kids is a team sport.

CCKIDS Live meets during each of our Sunday Services. During CCKIDS our kids meet with peers and teachers to learn the life of loving Jesus, Each Other, and The World.

All Preschool and Elementary Kids are welcome. Check-in begins 20 minutes before the service starts.

Email Jess or Alicyn

Be a part of live services anytime & anywhere.


Sunday service is just the beginning; the best way to grow is in conversation with others. Subscribe to our weekly email to receive questions and actions to help us better understand and apply what we are learning. These conversations not only help us better follow Jesus, but foster deep relationships with others. You can discuss these questions with your 1:1, a friend, or with family.

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