Live Sunday Services

We can grow when we come together to sing, learn and connect.

Summer at CCA

This summer we are taking a break from live services to better focus on Community Groups and other tools to help us grow.

(see the summer schedule)

The last Live Service before summer will be June 26, 10:30am. After service we will celebrate with a Burger Bash Potluck. - Invite Friends

There will two large church family gatherings this summer:

  • Campfire Worship - July 31, 7:00pm - 8:30pm @ 181 Western Ave

  • Prayer Walk Sunday - Aug 28, 10:30am @ 181 Western Ave

Twice a month live services will resume on September 11

Why just twice a month?

When people think of “church” they think of a building or the Sunday service. These are NOT the church, they ARE helpful tools in growing in love.

By having services twice a month we hope to free up time and energy to better engage in other tools and habits to grow to love Jesus, Each Other, and the World.

These tools include Community Groups, Classes, and 1:1.


This Summer come together each Wednesday at the building (181 Western Ave) 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

This will be a great way for our kids to continue learning about Jesus through the summer. We will be focusing on the parables of Jesus with a Spy, Mystery Solving theme. We can't wait!
Because it’s a Wednesday night, it’s also the perfect time for your kids to invite their friends. It is open to all Pre-K and Elementary ages.

Be a part of live services anytime & anywhere.


Sunday service is just the beginning; the best way to grow is in conversation with others. Subscribe to our weekly email to receive questions and actions to help us better understand and apply what we are learning. These conversations not only help us better follow Jesus, but foster deep relationships with others. You can discuss these questions with your 1:1, a friend, or with family.

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