Starting Point

New to Christ's Church Albany?
Starting Point
is the best way to get to know more about Christ’s Church Albany.

This one hour class will introduce you to the mission, story, and some of the people at CCA.


Do you have questions and doubts about your faith? Maybe you're not sure who Jesus is or you wonder how reliable the Bible is. You may be frustrated because you just don't feel connected to God. You are not alone in having these and lots of other questions. Alpha is a safe place to explore and discuss your questions freely. It also presents in simple and straightforward ways what a Christian believes.

Alpha will be on zoom and will meet on Wednesday evenings once a week until early December, starting September 28.

Emotionally Healthy Relationships

  • Jesus' greatest command is to love God AND love people. But loving others well is incredibly difficult. Many of us have never been taught how to love others well.

  • The course is 8 weeks long and consists of two books (1) Day by Day- a weekday devotional to be read twice a day (2) Workbook- to be used in class. Meetings will include videos and partner/group discussions relating to the topic of the week. By the end of this course, you will have learned 8 practical relationship skills and experience a "discipleship that deeply changes your relationship with others."

  • Next class will be in early 2022

Financial Peace

This is a class to help you get out of debt, save money for emergencies and plan for the future. We will learn how to control our finances rather than be controlled by them. Next class in early 2022.


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